The Focus:

How do you learn to become more accomplished at work and in your private life? By being keenly aware of how your thoughts influence your reactions, perceptions, evaluations of experiences and performance. You also improve your inner sensitivity to the motivations, needs and behaviors of others. Lastly, you learn to develop your E.I. in order to make you more productive in your interactions with others. This will allow you to enjoy better results for yourself and your company.


  1. Assessment of :
      • Teamwork Effectiveness

      • Goal Setting

      • Utilization of Resources

      • One's Personal Thinking Style

      • Personality Style

      • Emotional Intelligence

  1. Planning Effective Strategies for Success by Training, Development and Enhancement of:
      • Communication

      • Teamwork Effectiveness

      • Morale

      • Productivity

      • Relationships

      • Creativity

      • Initiative

      • Leadership Skills

      • Stress Management

  1. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the New Strategies

Fee for services:

There is no cost and no obligation for an initial meeting either on-site or in my office. Your concerns will be addressed and evaluated. Then, if we decide we can help you, we will offer specific recommendations to address your concerns and a plan of action, as well as the fee will be discussed. Depending on the work involved, the hourly fee ranges from $250 to $500.

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